Using Technology to Guide Your Roofing Project

Using Technology to Guide Your Roofing Project

With the many advances in technology, MadSky contractors are on the brink of advances in the roofing industry.  By utilizing proven technology, each party is clear on actual damage and estimated costs.   Making use of satellite imaging to determine a roof’s damage is an extremely useful tool for calculating the extent of a particular home’s roof damage. It provides roofing inspectors and insurance providers a concrete way to determine if your roof needs to be replaced and helps to establish the cost of your individual roof replacement project.

While a visual inspection is always important in the evaluation of roof damage, aerial satellite measurements provide everyone, from you the homeowner, to your insurance adjuster the accuracy and quality you expect.


If your home or business has steep or unusually shaped areas, our hi tech roofers will use satellite imaging that will expose even the most difficult of areas for evaluation. Certain roofs that have intricate designs and lots of angles can be accurately measured by satellite imaging with showbox a precision that the human eye or hand measurements cannot duplicate. Consequently, satellite imaging offer you the assurance that your roofing quotes fully reflect the correct amount of material, labor, time and disposal involved in your individual roofing replacement project.


At MadSky Roofing & Restoration our contractors will examine your roof for damage as well as use aerial satellite imagery and measurements to give you and your insurance provider an accurate report for your roof’s damage. As a result, you and your insurance adjuster are confident that we have accurately determined the amount of roof materials, amount of labor and amount of time necessary to provide you with a roof that fits your family’s needs.