Meet Darlene

Troubled homeowner turns to MadSky for help.


Darlene’s roof was damaged after a severe hail storm hit in March. She received many proposals from roofing contractors, including one from MadSky Roofing & Restoration. After much consideration, she rejected our proposal, while she received a lower price from XYZ Roofing.

XYZ Roofing replaced her roof and included a “5 Star” warranty

upgrade from shingle manufacturer (not Owens Corning™). Darlene was happy and satisfied, until it rained. When it rained the roof leaked in several locations.

Darlene called XYZ Roofing several times over a period of months but they were no longer doing work as XYZ Roofing in her town. When Darlene couldn’t find XYZ Roofing, she tried to call her manufacturer to see if they would provide warranty coverage. The manufacturer denied her request because Darlene’s warranty didn’t cover workmanship on the materials.

Eventually Darlene was at her whits end.  She had a leaky roof with no warranty coverage—unable to gain insurance approval for repairs and no where to turn.

Fortunately she called MadSky and asked for help documenting what was wrong with the roof. MadSky agreed to inspect the roof for free. When MadSky did the inspection, the manufacturer was there, but never climbed on the roof to see what had caused the leaks.

In the end, MadSky replaced Darlene’s roof in just 3 days, providing her a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials – backed by Owens Corning™, the leading manufacturer in roofing.

Although Darlene initially received a low price on her roof from XYZ, she spent a significant amount of time and money for choosing a less reputable company. Do you want to do business with a company that won’t respond to a warranty claim until you threaten to file a lawsuit, if you can even find them?

You can avoid the frustration of dealing with unresponsive roofing companies by hiring MadSky.  We’re a national company, with a permanent address and we’re backed by Owens Corning™, a 75-year-old, Fortune 500 company with a long-standing reputation demonstrating higher standards and customer care.