Helping Homeowners in Need

Helping Homeowners in Need

MadSky Roofing and Restoration is teaming up with Beacon Supply Group to donate supplies and roofing services to help Dave and Tami Carlson, homeowners in the Chicago area.  Stay tuned for results, including before and after photos!

Read Dave and Tami’s Story:

May 3, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

After the recent hailstorm that came through the Chicago area, our roof was in need of repair. Through all the flyers, door knocking, and phone calls, it was Aaron Mick, MadSky Roofing, who impressed us the most with both his professionalism and knowledge of the insurance and roofing process. This is quite an accomplishment, as my wife and I have a hard time trusting contractors, after a very bad experience with one back in 2005, from another hail insurance claim. We had roof and siding damage from the storm in 2005, which was approved by our insurance to get repaired. Because of our inexperience with the insurance claim process, and our trusting nature, the contractor took all our money, but didn’t complete all the work from our insurance claim. Now, in 2014, with Aaron’s assistance in meeting with our insurance adjuster, we were approved for a new roof on our home. However, after researching our claim history, the adjuster realized that the roof work was never done from our claim in 2005. Due to that fact, our insurance could only approve half of our roof being repaired, instead of the complete roof. Being in our retirement years, and on a fixed income, this made it extremely difficult for us to get the work done. Most contractors would have walked away from us at this point, but not Aaron and MadSky Roofing. He immediately went to work trying to find a way to help us get the work done that we needed, regardless of the money. We were truly impressed with Aaron’s caring nature and willingness to help Through Aaron’s and MadSky Roofing’s efforts, a local supply company, Beacon Supply Group, is donating the materials needed to get our roof repaired. We cannot thank Mr. Eric Swank, Vice President of Beacon Supply Group, enough for his generosity, in donating the material. Our experience with Aaron and MadSky Roofing has been exceptional. The professional and caring nature that Aaron has exhibited through this whole process has been wonderful. MadSky Roofing is lucky to have him as an ambassador for the company. I would not hesitate to refer Aaron and MadSky Roofing to anyone.

With heartfelt thanks,

Dave and Tami Carlsen